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We understand animals
- our philosophy

The sentence “You are what you eat” doesn't just apply to humans. After several decades of industrial cat and dog food production, it is becoming increasingly clear that quite a few illnesses in our pets must also be attributed to nutritional errors. High-quality feed means supporting the vitality and health of our animals. That is why we carefully ensure meeting the typical needs of our four-legged friends with our assortment.

The five pillars of Pets Nature quality

Brands by Pets Nature

Our own products, which we produce at selected manufacturers, meet the highest standards. Our cats and office dogs are our incorruptible jury. Since 2018, we have additionally been operating our own production facility in Lüneburg Heath, where we manufacture some of our popular products ourselves.

Quality and experts

With our experienced feed experts and in cooperation with our vet, we are constantly expanding and improving our range and ensuring its high quality.

Premium range

Selected and high-quality food brands from other manufacturers are added to complete the Brands by Pets Nature. This also includes well-known brands whose products we distribute exclusively.

Social commitment

We live up to our social responsibility by supporting animal welfare organisations through food donations and sponsorships and by employing people with disabilities in our own production facility. Many of our employees are animal welfare volunteers in their spare time. This is all a matter very close to our hearts.

A love for animals

From the very beginning, our goal has been to offer species-appropriate food and snacks for dogs and cats. In addition, we support our customers with expertise and are available to answer any questions they may have. For instance, we offer expert feed advice. Our team is available for customer concerns via the service contact and social media.

Pets Nature GmbH –

Proven quality for over 20 years

Pets Nature GmbH was founded in June 1999 by Martin Schupp with a lot of idealism and out of conviction – the conviction that the right company philosophy, idealism and good business sense can go hand in hand. Christian Numsen joined Pets Nature in 2002.

Together, they built up the company over the years to become a permanent fixture in the German feed trade, and never lost sight of the original principles.

In addition to carefully selected, high-quality food, they have relied on friendly and competent customer service and fast shipping from the very beginning.

Lets shake paws on it –

Tradition and future

Close contact with all feed brand manufacturers and importers is important to us. As part of our quality assurance, we visit them regularly to personally verify the quality of the certified production processes on site. Our sales representatives are intensively trained by us so that, in addition to selling the products, detailed advice is always provided. Next to professional skills, our employees also have a love of animals. Your four-legged friends are our merciless expert jury when it comes to taste tests.

To this day, we are constantly developing our range and will continue to create new delicacies for dogs and cats in the future.

Our diverse range

Brands by Pets Nature for cats

Our catz finefood brand offers a variety of product lines. From catz finefood Classic to Purrrr, Bio and Fillets, there is something for every furry gourmet. The cat treats catz finefood Meatz and Purrrrly are suitable for pampering.  

For playful felines, there are the popular catz finefood Toyz.

The range is rounded off with salmon oil and real sheepskin from Pets Nature.

Brands by Pets Nature for dogs

We offer balanced wet food with our dogz finefood and the PURBELLO HundeRolle. You can find high-quality treats, snacks and chews with Chewies and yummeez. The range is rounded off with salmon oil and real sheepskin from Pets Nature.

Our exclusive brands

Exclusively in Germany, we offer the products of the brands Orijen™ and Acana™, Schesir® and Stuzzy (Agras), No Hide®, St.Vince & Vince and Perritosnacks®.

Satisfied Pets Nature customers

High quality feed since 1999

Brands by Pets Nature

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